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PennOpen Campus Screening for COVID-19

All University of Pennsylvania event participants, day visitors, vendors, and non-badged contractors must complete a COVID-19 screening through PennOpen Campus before arriving on campus, each day they are on campus. The screening will generate either a Green Pass required to enter University buildings, or a Red Pass which advises the individual to seek care from a health care provider. A Green Pass is valid for one day only and contains a random, three-character code generated daily to help secure the integrity of the program.

PennOpen Campus is not for use by Penn faculty, staff, postdocs, students, or other individuals who are regularly on campus for more than a week.

The University of Pennsylvania also requires visitors to follow public health guidelines for vaccination, wearing masks, physical distancing, hand washing, and helping keep our campus safe. For the University Public Health Guidance visit public health guidance.

Completing PennOpen Campus by those under 18 years of age assumes parents and guardians have provided consent in the Penn program in which the minor is involved.

For more information, visit Participants in Penn Programs.