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PennOpen Pass Screening for COVID-19

All Penn Medicine visitors, vendors, and non-badged contractors must complete a COVID-19 symptom screening through PennOpen Pass before entering Penn Medicine buildings. This screening will generate a pass required to enter the building. Upon arrival, a Penn medicine employee will check your pass, and anyone who does not have a pass is not permitted to enter. Please complete this form no more than 72 hours (3 days) before the appointment or visit.

Note: The PennOpen Pass prescreener is for all Penn Medicine locations, except Lancaster General Health.

Restricted Visitor Policy

For the safety of our patients and staff, patients are not allowed to bring anyone with them to their appointments. Patients may only bring one support person with them in the following situations:

  • The patient is a minor under age 18
  • The patient requires a caregiver to help with a physical disability or limitation during the appointment or to help understand care instructions. All support persons must be healthy and 18 years or older.

To help maintain a healthy environment, Penn Medicine requires all patients and visitors to wear a face covering or mask at all times, practice social distancing, and try to restrict mobility as much as possible.

For the most up to date and site-specific visitor policies, please see the visitation policy website.